What's Wshark?

It's a tool based on Tshark which makes getting URLs of CloudMusic and downloading music available.Simply,it can help you download music of CloudMusic for which you should pay money.


Okey,do you now why we call it Wshark?The reason is very easy,because it combines Tshark (which belongs to Wireshark) and Wget for win32.And it can run well in both 32bit and 64bit operate system.

How To Use

Just as easy as what you had thought before.


You can click "start.exe",then the program will find and list all the interfaces existed on you computer.It's high time that you should choose a interface by inputing the order number.


You should input the time that you want to operate on your CloudMusic.Then you can begin to play the music you want to download, just onload is required.(Tips:You can list all the music you want to download together,then you can easily play them at a time)


The program will automatically download all the music you play before.Please cd into the floder "download" to see all the music you wanted. This step is so easy that you needn't take any operations.


The program is built by Laphets and MikeWhite.


A developer from Yiwu,Zhejiang,now is studying in Yiwu High School.


A developer from Beijing,now is studying in Beijing No.20 High School.


Wshark now is available for Win32(Containing Windows XP,Windows 7 or later)

The download address is as follow.(Just click)

Wshark.zip version 2.0

The source code is pushed on Github,I'm glad to see your pull request.

And this is my Blog,welcome to visit it.

The sofeware may ask for WinPcap. Or it will show that there is no interface available.

Want to know more? Just Visit Laphets's blog.

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